Gym Culture 101

I set out to create a magazine that would help some of the misconceptions of gym culture. I wanted to create a final artefact breaking down stereotypes and previous misconceptions about the gym. From my research it was clear that some areas needed to be addressed, which led me to design a magazine that would clear up confusion, that people had been ill-informed from one source or another. I thought the best approach was to make a magazine, as this would an artefact that everyone could pick up from the local supermarket, its easily accessible for a larger target audience to get motivated at home. Also this was the right location as if it was to be sold at gyms it would be a step to late, one of the main reasons for designing the magazine is to motivate the readers to attend the gym. I interviewed personal trainers, operation managers, new gym members and a biologic scientist to gain a good perspective of the subject matter. Some interviews are included in the magazine to inform the readers to help understand the relationship between the client and the personal trainer. The magazine also explains some common fallacies within gym culture for expectation of newer gym members is high due to fitness magazines and supplementation advertising. Realistically goals are not short term. Printed on: Body: GF Smith - Mohawk superfine ultra smooth 148 gsm Cover: GF Smith - Mohawk Navajo brilliant white 270gsm

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